Behind the scene: The beginning of Ready to sew

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Ready to sew was established in the summer of 2015 after I realized that I could never find what I wanted in regular shops.

I always have a clear idea of what I want in my head when I go shopping: for example, I remember being 18 years old looking everywhere for a pair of 1970’s flares, and later at 20, I so desperately wanted a Courrège style dress… unfortunately I always came back empty-handed.

Having given up on finding what I wanted in the shops I visited a dress maker to see if she could make me a pair of these infamous 1970’s flares. I explained my project to her and she responded, « If you have a pattern I can make them for you. ». Ok, I have to admit at this point I had no idea how to make a sewing pattern! So, I returned home, I pulled out an old pair of slightly flared velvet trousers. I placed the flares on the floor and started to analyze the design; I spread a big piece of paper on the floor and attempted to copy the design. I returned to the tailor with what resembled the outlines of a pair of trousers that had been spread out on the floor. She smiled and politely let me down telling me that this was not a sewing pattern. I returned home, yet again empty-handed.

At that time, there wasn’t a sewing community on the internet that could explain to me what a sewing pattern is, nor did I have a thrifty grandmother to teach me. No-one in my family or my group of friends was interested in textiles or fashion design; I was at a loose-end.

After this experience, I didn’t think about sewing for a number of years. I followed my desire for creation and started studying Product Design in Reims. I then continued my studies, completing a Master’s degree at ECAL in Lausanne before working as a freelance product designer for a time, both abroad and in France: I was sketching armchairs rather than flares, lamps instead dresses…

However, it was during this time that I developed my passion for creativity and working with my hands, I learnt the importance of attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship. Still, there was something missing… I felt slightly out of place.  

Then, one beautiful day, when glancing through the shops, never finding exactly what I had in my head, I decided I could make my own designs! I started looking scrupulously at my clothes, I invested in a sewing machine and started to confection the designs that have been locked up in my head. My first attempt didn’t go well, nor my second, nor my third: I messed up time and time again but I realized that drawing these patterns, sewing, designing and confectioning clothes made me happy. My first trousers were not the best fit; they made a little “moustache” and when I sat down they scrunched up around my bottom, but oh my gosh, they were cool. My first t-shirt had raw edges all over, but it had that designer look, my first dress sagged open on my back, but it made it easier to scratch… Then one day, when I was wearing my latest creation, my handsome companion smiled and told me that I look like a forest dwelling hippie you’d expect to find in a German fairytale with that skirt. I thanked him because it was that day that I decided to work seriously.

So, I launched my project and during the first year I worked like crazy! I had bespoke training in the art of pattern drafting and dress making in addition to my normal day-time job, I read book after book on the subject and worked uncountable hours. Finally “Jimmy”, my little Jimmy was created.

Thanks to my studies in Product Design I know how to use illustrator, photoshop and other design software including 3D packages. I vectored and graded my sewing patterns and Yvonne from « The Sweet Mercerie » contacted me to participate in the launch of my brand. I did a little happy dance and immediately got back to work. I also contacted Solène and Mélodie from the “On A Sunday Morning”  blog, Anne from “My Dress Made” and Fanny from “Petites Choses”. They all accepted to test my three sewing patterns in record time and then, just as everything was going so well… the problems started!

So many things weren’t right, not the fit but for the presentation and the instructions. I listened attentively to all of the feedback I received and I worked over and over again to improve the complete package. Ready to sew was born!

I am:myownboss/fashiondesigner/patterndesigner/seamstress/graphicdesigner/communtiymanager/customerservice/marketing/HAPPY


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