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Jazz has a V neckline really close to the neck. That is how I like necklines to be. But, if you don't share my point of view, here is a tutorial to learn how to adjust the shape of the neckline in a simple way without completly altering the fit of the jumpsuit/dress.

All you’ll need is a pattern, pencil, ruler and paper to get started!

Altering the neckline:

1: On the front bust A, draw a new neckline between the center front and the shoulder line. Start from the original point of the V neck at the center front and draw a line that will stop 1cm to 1.5cm away from the neck base (shoulder line).

2: Repeat this for the front facing C.

3: On the back facing D lower the center back point of the neckline on 5mm to 7mm. Lower the shoulder point to, use the same measurement than the new front shoulder point. Draw a curve connecting these two points. The curve needs to be perpendicular to the center back.

4: Repeat this for the back bust B.

5: Trace your new pattern.

Finally, make a practice version before cutting into any fabrics that are precious. Double check the shoulder length, the front and back busts must have the same shoulder lenghts.


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