How to print layers in PDF sewing patterns

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Start by opening your pattern in Adobe Reader. Once your file is open, on the left hand side there will be a line of icons. The bottom one represents Layers, so click on it.

For Ready to sew patterns, each size is on its own layer and there are one extra layer – “always tick - tjs cocher”. You can select which layers you want to be visible by clicking on the eye icon next to the name of each layer. Make sure that you keep “Always tick - tjs cocher” selected no matter which sizes you decide to print.

Once you have selected your layers, it’s time to print! 

The important thing with printing is to make sure that your pattern is printing at the right scale. Select “Actual Size” or manually set the scale to 100% (your print program may look slightly different or have slightly different wording but it will definitely have these options). Do NOT select “Fit” or “Fit to page” as this will stretch the pattern larger. 

Ready to sew patterns always tell you exactly what pages you will need to print for your sewing options to help you minimize the number of pages you need to print. Of course you always can just print all the pages of the pattern for simplicity’s sake, but if you want to print only the necessary pages, you can enter the range into the “Pages” box.

All Ready to sew patterns have a test square on them that tells you what size it should be after printing. Usually this is on the first page of the pattern. Test to make sure that your pattern is printing at the right size by printing just the first page, measuring the test square, and then printing the rest of the pattern.

Voilà, hope it helped !


Created On jeudi, avril 9, 2020 Posted By Ready to sew Comment Link
Hello Katie, thank you for sharing. Could you tell me which computer and printing software your are using ?

Raphaëlle from Ready to sew
Created On jeudi, avril 9, 2020 Posted By Katie Comment Link
Celine, I had the exact same problem (followed the directions but it only printed 1 sheet with 2 marks on it). I had to print as Poster, scaled to 100%, with "cut marks". That fixed it! Hope this helps you too.
Created On jeudi, février 27, 2020 Posted By Ready to sew Comment Link
Bonjour Céline,

Je ne sais pas quel patron vous souhaitez imprimer mais de toute façon aucun patron Ready to sew n'est composé que de deux feuilles. Malheureusement, je ne sais pas bien comment vous aider. Il semble que le problème provienne de Linux et/ou de votre logiciel d'impression. Vérifiez tout de même que vous avez choisi l'option "imprimer toutes les pages" et pas juste une selection de pages.
Created On mardi, février 25, 2020 Posted By grosclaude celine Comment Link
j'ai utilisé linux
j'arrive à aller sur les deux calques et à selectionner ma taille
Je suis pas à pas votre tuto mais quand je lance l'impression je n'ai que deux feuilles à imprimer...avec deux traits....
est ce que quelqu'un a deja eu ce probleme?
Created On lundi, février 3, 2020 Posted By Anne Comment Link
Merci beaucoup pour le lien ! J'étais tellement sûre que Acrobat Reader n'était plus disponible sous Linux que je n'ai pas cherché dans cette direction. Du coup, j'essayerai à l'occasion. Merci encore.
Created On dimanche, février 2, 2020 Posted By Ready to sew Comment Link
Bonjour, je connais peu Linux, mais voici un tutoriel qui pourra vous aider:

Je vous conseille de vous renseigner sur internet ou de faire appel à un professionnel.

Raphaëlle de Ready to sew
Created On vendredi, janvier 31, 2020 Posted By Anne Comment Link
Avez-vous connaissance d'un logiciel permettant de gérer les calques sous Linux ? Je n'en ai pas trouvé...
Merci d'avance.

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