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Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Jumpy pants / shorts ! You will notice that the sew along can differ from the sewing instructions included in your download. First you’re going to need to gather the supplies you’ll need to sew a perfect Jumpy! Don't worry, it will be very easy, this pants / shorts pattern is designed for beginners without zip, buttons or elastic and therefore requires very little material and very little skills.


  • Fabric (for the fabric head back to the instructions to know what kind of fabric you need and the yardage)
  • 1 bobbin of regular thread matching the fabric color.
  • The fabric used for this sew along is an organic cotton poplin from La mercerie Rascol.

Wrong side of the fabric facing you, draw the dart legs on the pattern piece (A) with chalk.

Fold the dart using the center line and matching up the side lines. Lightly pin in place.
Sew along the marked line starting from the waistline moving towards the tip of the dart. After sewing off the fabric, leave a thread tail. Knot the tail close to the edge. This keeps the thread from coming undone. Take care not to pull the knot tight against the fabric as it will cause puckering just as backstitching at the end will.

With right sides together, lay the pocket lining (C) over the front  leg (B) and pin alining the pocket entrances. Stitch. 

Flip the pocket lining (C) away from the front leg (B). Press the seam allowances towards the facing. Stitch along the pocket lining 2 mm from the actual seam. This is called understitching and will allow the pocket lining to sit well onto the inside. 

Sligtly notch the front leg seam allowance as shown in the illustration.

Turn the pocket lining (C) towards the wrong side of the leg.

Pin the pocket facing (D) to the pocket lining right sides together. Stitch the pocket lining and facing curved edges together to form the pocket pouch. Finish the raw edge with a zigzag stitch. 

Topstitch along the pocket entrance as shown in the illustration.

Pin the back leg (A) and front leg (B) right sides together aligning the sides seams and inseams. Stitch in place.

Press seams open. Repeat for the other front and back legs so we end up with two separate legs.   

Take one leg, turn it right side out and put it inside the over leg. Match up the side seams and inseams.

Pin the front and back crotchs right sides together and stitch in place.

Press seams open, turn right side out and you have a pair of pants!

Stitch the two part of (G) right sides together.

Clip curved seams and trim the seam allowances down to 5 mm.

 Turn it right side out and press. 

1 and 2- Fold both sides of the loop (H) to the middle, wrong sides together and press.
3 -Fold again in two, press, stitch into place.

Stitch the front (E) and back (F) facings right side together. Press seams open.

Pin the bottom of the loop (H) 5 cm from the front waistline on the center front seam. Zigzag stitch the bottom of the loop.

Pin the (G) pieces to the front pants/shorts following the markings. Pin the front and back facings to the pants/shorts right sides together keeping the (G) and (H) pieces in between.

Press the facing away from the garment. At this point, don’t flip the facing to the inside. Press the seam allowances towards the facing, stitch along the facing, very close to the actual seam. This will allow the facing to sit well onto the inside. 

Flip the facing to the inside of the pants/shorts and press well. Topstitch the facing inside the pants/shorts 3 cm from the waistline.

Hem your pants or short.
For the shorts view we advise a roll hem and for the pants view a classic 4 cm hem.

Shorts: Fold 1 cm to wrong side, press, fold 1 cm to wrong side, press and topstitch.
Pants: Fold 1 cm to wrong side, press, fold 3 cm to wrong side, press and topstitch.

Experiment with the bow tie until you find the right way to tie Jumpy around your waist. Click here to watch the video on how to tie the bow if needed.

Well done! Enjoy your new Jumpy pants / shorts !

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Created On vendredi, février 25, 2022 Posted By Readytosew Comment Link
Yes, it is in mm, thank you for your feedback !
Created On dimanche, février 20, 2022 Posted By cat Comment Link
hi, I believe there's a mistake in the loop piece (H) sizing as it says 35 cm X 50 cm. Might it be mm instead?

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