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Happy September, my friends.


I hope the summer has been good to you (or winter, depending on where you live). The summer has been good to me. My partner and I decided to take a long summer break which is very new for us. We took time off to plan our future move to Auvergne (in the center of France) and to spend some much-needed quality time with our daughter Augustine.


Last October I became a mom and last May I learned that my mother's cancer was terminal.


These past few months have contained such varied emotions and experiences. I have felt calm and not long after filled with anxiety, happy and then heartbroken and then cheerful and sad all at the same time. Having to say goodbye to my mother and knowing we are leaving our last moments together and becoming a mom at the same time is a very strange experience.


My work has at times felt distant and tiring while at other moments invigorating. I put so much of myself into this business but now I don't really know who I am. Becoming a mother has changed my perspective on life, my heart now belongs to my family more than ever. I imagine it’s probably just another season of life and I have to remind myself to take deep breaths and to take life day by day.


All that said, behind the scenes and in between the laughing and crying, I have a lot of new ideas and projects ! But while I'm still in the baby stage in my work projects, I won't leave you without anything. Years of hard work have allowed me to have a nice shop full of sewing patterns to guide you through your fall projects ;-)


Thanks for following along on my journey and for your continued support of Readytosew,


Here are some favorite pieces of mine for the season to come


Keep spending quality time with your kids even though it's back-to-school by planning a matching outfit project. 


Estimated sewing time: 3h for each pair of pants


Prepare your closet for fall with a cozy quilted Pekka jacket. This jacket can be made using pre-quilted fabric, or you can follow my blog post where I show you how to quilt your own fabric for the jacket.


Estimated sewing time: 7 hours


Keep things ultra comfortable and practical with the Jocko sweater.


Estimated sewing time: 2 hours


Autumn always feels like a time for fresh starts such as tackling new projects and cleaning the entire house. Be ready to get the s**t done with these sturdy overalls. 


Estimated sewing time: 10 hours


Created On mardi, septembre 13, 2022 Posted By Katekoma Comment Link
Thank you for your open and honest letter!
It must be very hard to tackle the real life (work, kids, home ect...) in this exhausting and hard times. I want to send you some mental support.
Created On mardi, septembre 13, 2022 Posted By Régine Comment Link
Votre message me touche beaucoup…
Je vous envoie les meilleures ondes pour vous et votre Maman.
Created On mardi, septembre 13, 2022 Posted By Marine Comment Link
Ce que vous vivez doit être éprouvant, j'espère que vous trouvez de la joie dans la maternité et votre vie familiale.
Created On mardi, septembre 13, 2022 Posted By Sheila Comment Link
Congratulations on becoming a mom and I'm sorry to read your mother is unwell.

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