The second letter

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I am happy to be writing to you again so soon, maybe writing newsletters is my new addiction?  




This time I want to share a lighter topic with you, personal sewing.  

Sewing is not my passion, that would be pattern drafting.  I have always considered sewing a necessity, one that I enjoy certainly, but a necessity nonetheless.  It’s something that I have to do frequently for my work, which means it’s not often that I want to sew for myself on the weekends, nor do I really want to spend time in my studio on my days off.  All this to say, it’s rare that I sew for myself.  I mostly make sample toiles and prototypes for my models to wear during photoshoots.  


I have a fairly small wardrobe, which corresponds with a small closet in a small house.  It’s often said that the cobbler always wears the worst shoes, and I would add that the fashion designer is often the most poorly dressed.  


In any case, right now the desire to sew myself a few new pieces has come back.  Ideally, I would want to be as involved in the creation as possible- weaving, then dying my own cloth before finally sewing the garment.  And because I am a pattern maker, I would also want to design the garment as well.  But alas, my free time is limited at the moment so I am going to have to be okay with simply designing and drafting the pattern, dyeing the cloth and then sewing, which is still quite a commitment.  


I don’t need any new clothing, I have what I need, so maybe the desire for renewal is what is pushing me to want to sew? 



I have something to share, I really love the new pattern I am developing.  It checks all the boxes- practical, comfortable, stylish and durable.  I think it must be this new pattern that is giving me wings, it makes me want to sew a version in 36 different materials and colors!  


In the next letter, I will tell you more about it and might even have some pictures to share with you.  

But before I go, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your messages and kind words following my last letter; they really touched me.  


See you soon, Raphaëlle


PS: In the photo above I am wearing the Patsy overalls that have been hacked to have suspenders. I made mine from recycled jeans that have been patchworked and paired them with the Jeanne t-shirt.  If you want to hack your own pattern, you can find a story highlight saved in my Instagram profile to find out how I did it.

A few thing on my mind at the moment


Durable and sturdy Partner overalls that give off a worker vibe with their black accents (topstitching, buckles, cording etc…)


Image credits: KATM - Carhartt - Big duck canvas 


I am planning a move to a colder region in France and a lightweight merino Jeanne sweatshirt will be just the ticket. 


Image credits: Björn borg - The ecologyst - wedressfair - Merz b. Schwanen


I have some hemp canvas in my stash that is waiting patiently to be dyed with indigo and then sewed and I think the James smock would be the perfect project. 


Image credits: Armor lux - Etsy


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