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Mon intention a toujours été de montrer mes modèles sur des silhouettes différentes et dans une variété de tissus. Malheureusement, gérant toute seule cette entreprise, je ne peux pas me permettre de coudre une multitude de prototypes et de payer / gérer plus de deux modèles par shooting. C’est pourquoi, il y a quelques temps, j’ai décidé de commencer le projet d’inviter des bloggeuses rémunérées à coudre mon dernier modèle et écrire un article détaillant leur expérience pour le blog de Readytosew. Vous pouvez retrouver tous les articles de blog ici.

Aujourd'hui j'accueille Leila @leila.makes pour ce nouvel article de blog. Elle va nous parler de son expérience avec la salopette d'artiste Pablo. Cet article est en anglais mais si besoin vous pouvez utiliser l'outil de traduction automatique de google.

Hi, my name is Leila of @leila.makes and I am a veterinarian/sewist/climber/all around DIYer. I started sewing when I was around 12 years old. My mother gifted me a basic Singer machine, and I started altering all of my sister’s hand-me-downs. Later, I progressed to sewing tote bags, pouches, pillowcases, one ill-fitting scrub top for work, and then stopped during college. It wasn’t until graduate school that I wanted to pick up sewing again and focused on quilting. But after graduating I found myself looking for instant gratification projects and tried my hand at garment sewing - and what a turn of events! I fell in love with sewing my own clothes because I finally had an outlet where I could relax my mind & get cute pieces to wear out of it? A win-win.


I quickly immersed myself in the virtual sewing community and have learned so much about the garment sewing world: all of the textiles, different fashion styles, pattern drafting. This is a world I am absolutely fascinated by and continue to learn from every day.


I would describe my style as fun & functional, playing with bright colors contrasted with cool neutrals.


The Pablo overalls are a beautiful blend of functional workwear and classic minimalist style. I’m a sucker for wrap pants, so seeing a pattern that incorporates wrap pants and includes a bib to make it into a whole fit - I fell in love.


I am currently a print-at-home pattern sewist and printing this pattern out was a breeze!

I did not make any modifications to the pattern, but I did want to play around with the mechanics of the overalls. Since the bib folds in on itself and reveals the “wrong” side of the fabric at the sides, I decided to cut out the top half of the pattern in a lining fabric as well to cyanotype print on for a pop of color. Once I got started on cyanotype printing, I also printed on the pockets to add some more contrast. 

I’m a big fan of making wearable toiles, so really I just don’t make toiles! For these overalls, I dove straight in with no practice round :) I chose to sew with a medium-weight 100% cotton twill fabric that I had in my stash and couldn’t be happier! It was actually a thrifted curtain set I found years ago and sat on for a while waiting for the right pattern to come along and am so glad I waited! This fabric matches the fabric recommendations, as it has some structure, but is not rigid by any means and is so comfortable to wrap tie around my waist.

For reference, I am 160cm (5’3”) and my current measurements are bust 81cm (32”), waist 63.5cm (25”), and hip 88cm (34”). I chose to make a size 32, despite the size chart putting my waist at a size 34 – I figured since there is a wrap involved, I had some wiggle room ;)

Overall, I was impressed with the final fit of my Pablo overalls since I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern - the waist ties fall at my natural waist and the pant length falls perfectly at the ankle - my favorite pant length!


As for the pattern instructions, I loved the accompanying music playlist that comes with the pattern and the story behind the pattern itself! This overall really can be worn up or down for so many occasions.


The Pablo Overalls are so comfortable and lovely to wear - I love that the wrap tie waist allows for adjustments and can be tied in the front or the back. If I were to make this again, I would choose a medium-weight linen - I have a feeling it would drape beautifully and be so comfortable!

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Créé le samedi, juin 17, 2023 Posté par Catalina B Lien du commentaire
Superbe version! Et dans décor époustouflant en plus…
Très bonne idée l’imprimé utilisé en contraste.

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