Sew along, the trench Jack, part 2

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Welcome in the second and last part of the Jack trench coat sew along. Click here for the first part.

Stitch the back lining pieces right sides together. Stitch along the line at the top.

Press the pleat toward the right. Baste the pleat in place at the top.

With right sides together, stitch the front and back lining at the sides, leaving a 15 cm opening in one side. Press seam allowances open. Stitch the front and back bodices together at  the shoulders. Press open. 

With right sides together, stitch the sides of the sleeves. Press seam allowances open. Set the sleeves into the armholes. 

To avoid the storm flap to curl upward, handstitch the pointed ends to the back bodice.

Open the jacket shell with right side facing you. The sleeves must be wrong side out. 

With right sides together, pin the front lining to the front facing and the back lining to the back facing.

Stitch. Stop and start at the bottom markings, a few centimeters before the hem. 

Turn the edges of the sleeve shell up about 3cm.

 Insert the sleeve shell into the sleeve lining matching seams and making sure neither the jacket nor lining is twisted. Pin.

Stitch the two layers together with a 1 cm seam allowance and repeat for the other sleeve.

With right sides together, sew the bottom part of the bodice and the facing. 

-Make sure the seam allowance goes toward the facing.
-Fold the 1 cm seam allowance of the loose hem
-Stitch at 1 cm from the bottom.

Attach the bottom of the lining and the bottom of the bodice right sides together. Stitch at 1 cm from the bottom.

Turn the jacket right side out using the opening left previously in the lining.

Press the pleat and the jacket hem. Handstitch the little opening between the facing and bodice.

Tack the hem seam allowances to the jacket seam allowances. Give a good press to the jacket and the sleeves hems. 

Close the the openingin the lining by handstitching.

Topstitch the front of the trench coat 5 mm from the edge from the bottom to the collar ends.

Voilà, c'est terminé. Enjoy your new Jack trench coat !

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