My quilted Pekka jacket

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Today, I'd like to share with you my quilted Pekka jacket. I had this pattern + fabric match in mind since I started drafting the pattern. Depending on the fabric and view, the Pekka jacket can look very different. 

Due to it’s simplicity and oversized nature it was perfect for the quilting that I was planning. The fabric is from Merchant & Mills. This layered cotton has a jacquard weave that gives it a quilted look and feel. The reverse is a gauzy cotton, there is no batting in the middle of this cloth, the inside is made up of a series of thicker yarns which gives it the quilted feel. The top is a fine cotton.I didn't used the shell fabric to line the pockets as it would have been too bulky. The lining is made of a super soft organic coton from Siebenblau.I'm wearing the Patsy overalls under the jacket. It's a match made in heaven in terms of comfort!

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Created On mardi, octobre 3, 2023 Posted By Readytosew Comment Link
Bonjour Aurélie,

Merci pour votre message.

Non le métrage ne peut pas être similaire à celui indiqué sur les instructions de montage car il correspond à une laize bien plus grande.

Je n'ai pas cette information disponible ou enregistrée quelque part mais je me souviens que jusqu'à la taille 40 il faut 250 cm de tissu pour une laize de 120 cm.

Si vous avez un doute, je vous invite à imprimer les pièces du patron dans votre taille, à faire les modifications nécessaires et à les placer sur une table en respectant une largeur de 60 cm. Vous pourrez ensuite mesurer la longueur nécessaire pour fabirquer votre veste.

Je vous souhaite une belle journée et bonne couture,
Created On mercredi, septembre 27, 2023 Posted By Aurélie Massé Comment Link
Bonjour Raphaëlle,

Désolée, je reviens sur la question de Sue car Merchant & Mills annonce une laize de 120 cm pour le tissu que vous avez utilisé.
Vous rappelez-vous si vous aviez utilisé le métrage annoncé sur la fiche ?

32 - 46 : 190 x 140 cm lining - 250 x 140 cm shell fabric

Merci pour votre aide.

Created On lundi, septembre 20, 2021 Posted By Readytosew Comment Link
Hello Claire,

The jacket is entirely lined, the lining is included in the pattern pieces.

Best wishes,
Created On dimanche, septembre 19, 2021 Posted By Claire Wong Comment Link
Hi! I love your jacket and have been hoping to make a quilted pekka myself. First I’d like to try it like this with pre quilted fabric, to see how the pattern goes together and sizing before attempting to quilt one myself. You mention lining the pockets with cotton to avoid bulk, was the coat also lined in cotton? Or did you skip the lining? Thanks!
Created On lundi, avril 19, 2021 Posted By Sheila Comment Link
Thank you so much for answering this question. I bought the pattern on Friday and during the weekend I made my first beautiful pekka jacket with light denim and I looooove it! (my first time sewing clothes, I really feel proud and happy today). It was delightful to follow your instructions, thank you very much.

I also searched for the same fabric you have used here, and it is sold out everywhere and in every color, but I will wait for it to come back. I really want a quilted version of this jacket with that fabric :)

Thank you!!! You make beautiful clothes!
Created On vendredi, avril 16, 2021 Posted By Readytosew Comment Link
Hello Sheila,

You don't have to quilt your fabric, you can also by some ready made quilted fabric. The green one from the photo shoot is from Merchant & Mills. This layered cotton has a jacquard weave that gives it a quilted look and feel.

If you want to quilt your own fabric, you'll have to quilt all the outside pattern pieces separately, then sew all the pieces together and then line the jacket.

I don't know any quilting tutorial but I'm sure you can find some good ones by googling " quilt tutorial" or "how to quilt fabric" etc... or you can also look for some already quilted fabric ;-)

Created On vendredi, avril 16, 2021 Posted By Sheila Comment Link
I fell in love with the quilted version of this jacket. But I don´t know if I will be able to create the quilted version, as I am an "intermediate beginner".

How do you quilt the jacket? I

I am not sure if you must quilt the pieces before sewing them or quilting the jacket with the lining once it is already done?

Do you know some tutortial where I can follow the steps to learn how to quilt a jacket before startign to make this one?
Created On vendredi, octobre 2, 2020 Posted By Readytosew Comment Link
Hi Sue!
You will love wearing it, it is sooooo cosy!
Created On jeudi, octobre 1, 2020 Posted By Sue Caddie Comment Link
Thank you for taking time to answer my question Raphaëlle.

I had read the question Clémence had asked (and your answer too). That's why I asked her if she had done the calculations. I thought she may have since corresponding with you. :)

I can report that I am making size 56 in the Pekka jacket and required 3.2 metres of 120cm wide fabric. I too am making it from the Merchant and Mills fabric in your sample above. I'm really looking forward to wearing it as it looks so cosy!

Thanks again for your reply and lovely pattern.
Created On jeudi, septembre 17, 2020 Posted By readytosew Comment Link
Hi Sue (my name is Raphaëlle)

Readytosew is a french sewing pattern compagny and european fabrics comes in a width of 140 cm, that is the reason why the fabric calculation is for this width.

Unfortunatly, I'm not able to provide this calculation for you since I don't have this information stored anywhere. Also, it totally depends on your size ;-)

Have a lovely day and happy sewing!

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