Papao, selecting the right size and blending between sizes

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Today we're going to talk about selecting the right size and blending between sizes for the Papao pants. For pants pattern, I recommand using your full hips measurement and then adjust the waist if necessary. To do so, you will need to blend between sizes.

Ex :  In this example we'll be blending from a 42 at the waist to a 38 at the hip. You'll want to start by selecting and printing both sizes for the pieces F, E, H and G or G'+ K, J if you are making the front pocket view.

1 - You'll want to start at the "shorten-lengthen" line size 38 and draw a line from there hitting size 42 at the waist level, blending between the two sizes. Make sure that the line you make is smooth and transitions nicely from one line to the other. 

2 - You can keep size 38 for the legs.

3- The waist darts will be a mix betwwen sizes 38 and 42. Start the end of your dart size 38 and continue until you reach size 42.4- That's it! You can now select the size 42 for the facings A, B, C and D and the waist tie M and N. For the back pocket I, you can select the middle size (40 in this exemple) or your hip size (38 in this exemple). 

5- Front pocket view:
G' You'll want to start at the "shorten-lengthen" line size 38 and stop in between the two sizes.
K You'll want to start at the "shorten-lengthen" line size 38 and stop at the waist level size 42.
J You'll want to start at the "shorten-lengthen" line size 38 and stop in between the two sizes.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions on these, let me know in the comments below and I'll try to answer as soon as I can!

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Created On jeudi, mai 27, 2021 Posted By Readytosew Comment Link
Hello Lauren, thank you for your feedback!

I have no plans to enlarge my sizing for now, maybe in the futur. The largest size is 58 (full hip 151 cm / 59.44 inch).
If your measurements are larger than 151 cm at the full hip, the Papao pants will not fit even with the garment ease. If your measurements at the full hip are 151 cm or less and waist 124 cm or less, their is no reason the front doesn't really wrap. If this your case, please contact me by email with photos.

The pattern was tested by @rougeceriseparis in the largest size and it was wraping really well.

Kind regards,
Raphaëlle from Readytosew
Created On jeudi, mai 27, 2021 Posted By Lauren Barnett Comment Link
Hi I purchased the papao wrap pants and made your largest size. With garment ease I hoped it would fit. Unfortunately it doesn’t really ‘wrap’.
I’ll attempt to enlarge the two front leg prices to increase the wrap over, but do you have any plans to enlarge your sizing?
The designs are beautiful and easy to follow construction which I appreciate. I’d love to purchase more of your patterns but any bottoms will not fit me at this stage. Just wanted to give feedback.
Thanks Lauren

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