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The Pio pants are drafted for an average hight of 167 cm for the range 1 or 168 cm for range 2 so if you differ from that, you might need to do some pattern adjustments. Lengthening and shortening your pattern pieces is pretty straighforward, find the lengthen/shorten lines and apply your length changes between them. 

Line 1: you will want to work from this line if you need to alter the length between the waist and the full hips. 

Line 2: you will want to work from this line if you need to alter leg length. Use line 2 and 3 if you need to make an important alteration.

Ligne 3: you will want to work from this line if you need to alter leg length. Use line 1 for small alterations to the leg length.

If you have a long or short rise you may want to only adjust the upper portion using lines 1. Maybe your rise fits great but you have long legs. In that case you’d want to adjust the lower portion using the lines 2 and 3. If you’re proportioned evenly but are just taller or shorter than the pattern is drafted then we recommend splitting the amount you need to adjust between the upper and lower adjustment lines.

EX: you are 174 cm tall and the pattern is drafted for 168 cm, the difference between your hight and the pattern's hight is 6 cm. We will assume that these 6 cm are distributed in the body as follows: 3 cm at the level of the upper body and 3 cm at the level of the lower body. Distribute the 3 cm between line 1 and line 2.

- Determine how much length you need to add or substract from your pattern. Simply cut along the shorten/lengthen line, separating the pattern into two pieces.

- Lay a sheet of paper down with the pattern pieces on top of it and line up the pattern's grain lines. Tape your pattern pieces down to the paper (or, if shortening, to each other) and blend the curve or straight edge to connect either edge of the pattern. Cut off the excess paper.

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