How to the sew the joseph jacket single welt pocket

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Today, you'll learn how to sew the Joseph jacket sewing pattern single welt pocket!

Mark the lines of the pleats on the wrong side of the welt and mark the notches on your pocket lining and pocket facing.

Fold your fabric right sides together folowing the first line. Pin.

Stitch in place 2mm away from the fold. Repeat for all the lines.


Fold the welt rectangle lengthwise wrong sides together and press.

Place O on A around the line showing the opening of the pocket on the wrong side of the fabric. 

Lay the welt rectangle along the line that indicates the pocket, right sides together. 

Then lay the pocket lining M on the top. Stitch between the notches. Lay the pocket facing N on the over side of the line. Stitch between the notches. You should have 3cm in between the two stitching lines.

Check if your lines are really parallel.

Press the seams open.

Trace a line in the midde of the two stitch lines and stop at 1cm from the ends.

Slash the pocket through the marked center line, stopping at the red points.

At each end, clip diagonally toward the corners in a Y shape. Be very careful not to cut through the stitching lines.

Turn the pockets to the inside through the slash and adjust the seams to lay flat. Press from this side, then press again from the right side. Turn the welt up, pushing the welt seam allowance through the slash. Press flat.

Fold back the jacket front to expose the triangles. Pin.

Stitch the triangles to the pocket underlay to secure the corners, backstitching over them a few times. You can use a zipper foot to get close to the base of the triangle.

Stitch the pocket facing to the pocket lining around the remaining edges. Finish the edges of the pocket to prevent raveling. You can now edgestitch all around the outside of your welt.

That's it, you're done ;-)


Created On dimanche, septembre 18, 2022 Posted By Jacques JOUENNE Comment Link
Exactement ce que j'ai fait. Votre tuto confirme bien mon exercice de cette poche "paysanne". Lorsque je dit "Exactement ce que j'ai fait", je veux dire que j'ai cousu la poche !!
Une erreur qui permet aussi d'apprendre comme de couper les capucins trop loin par exemple.
Merci pour ce tuto

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