Pattern hack: the Partner pinafore part 1

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Today we are going to see together how to hack the sewing pattern of the Partner overalls to make a pinafore. Thanks you so much Michèle for this great tutorial, let's dive right in!


Draw a vertical line 1 cm from the center front to remove the crotch. The front of the skirt will then be cut on the fold.

To determine the length of your skirt, take a tape measure and measure from your waist (the thinnest part of your bust) to the length of your choice. Add 6 cm to this value (3 cm for the hem + 3 cm for the waistband).

Draw a perpendicular line based on the line you just drew at the chosen length.

Trace this pattern piece and label it E ’. This piece will be cut at the fold.


Extend the center front line to supress the crotch. There will be a center seam on the back of the skirt.

Transfer the measurement chosen for the length of the skirt and draw the perpendicular line as for part E ’.


There will be a slit in the center back for comfort. Add 1 cm to a height of 20 cm at the bottom of the middle back.

Trace this pattern piece and label it F ’. This piece will be cut x2.


Draw a vertical line from the inside corner of pocket A to the horizontal line of topstiching.

Trace or cut the pocket and label it A ’. This piece will also be used for the pocket lining, remember to turn it over to cut the lining.

Repeat for the pocket B and lable it B'.


  • A’ right front pocket x1 main fabric x 1 lining 
  • B’ left front pocket x1 main fabric x 1 lining 
  • E’ front skirt x1 on fold
  • F’ back skirt x2
  • G back pocket x1 cut on fold
  • H bib pocket x1 cut on fold
  • I front bib x1 cut on fold
  • J back bib x1 cut on fold
  • K front bib facing x1 cut on fold
  • L back bib facing x1 cut on fold
  • M Suspenders x4 

Voilà, click here to follow the sew along.

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